All cryobags go through different testing methods, one by one, both in pre and post production phase. A quality label is applied on the fi nished product as guarantee of its conformity to the testing results. The finished product is in compliance with the internal and external quality standards and every production batch release is provided with a Declaration of Conformity and a Production Control report.

The TISSUE CHOICE® product line is available in different sizes, depending on the kind of application.

We can offer specific custom-made products according to your demands.



TISSUE CHOICE® is a new product line of the brand SAFE2® dedicated to the cryopreservation of different tissues.


1 - The freezing bag


The bags are made of a biocompatible material, EVA (Ethyl Vinyl Acetate), and its new formulation makes the product particularly flexible and highly resistant to the operating temperature range (from -196 °C to +37 °C).


  1. A large support at the bottom of the bag, made with the bag same material, allows the use of a label, suitable for containing all the information required by law, and prevents the risk of migration of the adhesive components into the bag.
  2. The bag design allows to easily insert the tissues (such as skin, blood vessels, hearth valves) from the open side. After the final welding, it is possible to add the cryopreservation solution and/ or to take the air off by using the needlefree connectors.
  3. The needle-free connector is an innovative injection system for the connection of a luer-lock syringe. This port has a swappable valve that provides an hermetic sealing between the syringe luer tip and the valve. This system ensures a closed system even after disconnecting the syringe.


2 - The overwrap bag


The overwrap bag Safe and practical, the overwrap bag is a double protection for your tissues: it ensures good cryopreservation and prevents the risk of cross-contamination. The material has the same performances of the freezing bag and guarantees a resistant final welding.



TissueChoice Brochure.pdf


TISSUE CHOICE® has been developed through an accurate research of materials and components: the material is the most innovative formulation of EVA, the weldings are performed with the most advanced technologies and the connectors have been chosen in order to guarantee the highest safety and to minimize the risk of contamination.

 The bag special design has been developed to specifically respond to our customers needs and to make the product user-friendly during each step of the manipulation. Moreover, this shape perfectly fi ts the majority of the existing bag holders.






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