Haemopharm is a pioneer company in the manufacturing and commercialization of flexible bags, components and delivery systems for different medical and pharmaceutical applications.

Haemopharm was born in the 70’s from a family company already present in the medical devices industry and specialized in the production of flexible bags that are entirely designed and manufactured in house. Haemopharm continues to invest in the research and development of new technologies and is constantly oriented towards innovation and internationalization strategy.

SIAD Healthcare offers solutions for Medical Gases, Cryobiology

Services and specific distribution systems. All products offered by SIAD are characterized by high quality and reliability, guaranteed by international brands. SIAD also makes use of specialist teams who study and develop technological solutions.

SIAD is experienced and expertised regarding the provision of the full range of medical gases and services to Total Gas Management, as well as for the design and construction the relative installations of distribution and use.


ADVATIS® is a contractual joint venture between SIAD Healthcare and Heamopharm Healthcare. The Partnership allows the combination of the specific know how and experience of two companies that have been in the healthcare sector for a long time.

SIAD Healthcare offers a wide range of products and services that covers many surgical specialties, cryobiology and medical gases with engineering and accessories.

Haemopharm Healthcare develops and manufactures flexible bags and medical devices for a wide range of pharmaceutical and medical applications.

SAFE2® is a line of cryopreservation bags which was developed by putting together the competencies of the two companies and it is manufactured by Haemopharm and marketed by SIAD worldwide.

ADVATIS®' portfolio provides innovative solutions in the field of cryopreservation and cell therapy, offering a wide range of products to cover the different stages of collection, manipulation and preservation of stem cells and tissues. Thanks to high level of flexibility and with the support of our R&D team, ADVATIS® can offer custom made solutions to meet any customer need.


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