All cryobags go through different testing methods, one by one, both in pre and post production phase. A quality label is applied on the finished product as guarantee of its conformity to the testing results.

The finished product is in compliance with the internal and external quality standards and every production batch release is provided with a Declaration of Conformity and a Production Control report.

The Bags, the overwrapping and each individual component belong to a unique project that turns the product user-friendly. Moreover, the bag special design perfectly fits the majority of the existing bag holders. The special needle-free connector guarantees the safety of the operator and reduces the risk of contamination.

The material has the most innovative formulation of EVA, the welding is performed with the most advanced technologies and the components have been chosen in order to guarantee the highest safety and to minimize the risk of contamination.

The blister is made of medical grade paper and disinfectable plastic film, containing the bag and its overwrap. This simplifies and improves working in sterile conditions.

A product that suits your needs! The bags of STEM CHOICE® line are available in different sizes, depending on the application.

And we also look beyond! We can offer custom-made specific products according to your demands.


STEM CHOICE® is the new line of the the brand SAFE2® dedicated to the cryopreservation of stem cells.

1 - The freezing bag

The bags are made of a biocompatible material, EVA (Ethyl Vinyl Acetate), and its new formulation makes the product particularly flexible and highly resistant to the operating temperature range (from -196 °C to +37 °C).


  1. Hanger holes: the bag is equipped with two strengthened holes, to ensure a steady anchorage.
  2.  A large support at the bottom of the bag, made with the bag same material, allows the use of a label, suitable for containing all the information required by law (ISBT128), and prevents the risk of migration of the adhesive components into the bag.
  3. The special welding technique enables the sealing of rounded corners, which makes the full drainage of the bag easier thus minimizing the cellular loss.
  4. The system has two taking ports, realized in EVA, for emptying the bags. The special technology ensures the sterility during all phases, especially when opening the ports. The edge of the ports slightly penetrates the bag to avoid that the spike damages the walls. The slit on the tubes enables the complete bag drainage.
  5. The injection tube is made of the same material of the bag (EVA) and it is positioned close to the taking ports, in order to enable a faster and easier welding. In addition, it is possible to obtain contiguous segments of the tube as aliquots for the routine test.
  6. The needle-free connection is an innovative injection system, needleless, for the connection of a luer-lock syringe and the port, with a swabable valve that provides a hermetic seal between the syringe luer tip and the valve. This system ensures a closed system, even after disconnecting the syringe.
  7. The connecting set, in PVC material, consists in one spike, one luer-lock female, one luer-lock male and one needle-free connector. Each one is provided with roller clamps and a protective cap.


2 - The overwrap bag

Safe and practical, the overwrap bag is a double protection for your samples: it ensures good cryopreservation and it prevents the risk of cross-contamination. The material has the same performances of the inside bag and allows to obtain a resistant final welding. In addition, it is possible to realize a double welding, obtaining a “pocket” for the test segments.


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